Electrochemical Noise Analysis

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 ECN Analysis Version 1.0 ( Free to Download )

You can now download the free version of ECN Analysis 1.0 from here. To activate the software, please contact the ECN team. Please complete the form in the ‘CONTACT US’ page and you will receive a free activation key. You can use the software freely but after 90 days a new key is required. All you have to do is contact the ECN team to receive a new key.






How to install the software

Once your download is complete save the file to your desktop and double click on the file . Enter the key you have received by email and complete other details requested. You need to be connected to the Internet to complete the activation process. Once the online activation is successful the install software will create a folder called ECN Analysis on the desktop. The application will be in this folder and you can use it straight away. However, we recommend you to create a folder named C:\ECN and move all the contents of this folder  to C:\ECN along with ECN File Converter and ECN help for maximum reliability.



By clicking on “download” you acknowledge that the software is supplied “as it is” and that no responsibilities will be accepted from the ECN team




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